When Delayed Flight become Terrible

Delayed is the most annoying thing in the world. I ever stayed in a airport for 8 hours due a delayed flight. My brain is bored in airport because of that, if we out from airport the schedule could change and the flight leave us, but we feel bored if we stay and wait the flight, which the schedule is unclear.

But I have a story, this is my experience when one of my flight got delayed for 6 hours. 6 hours isn’t short time, in six hours you could done your trip in Singapore or Weh Island in Aceh. It’s very annoying thing. But, there something moment that make this delayed flight not so terrible for me.

It was happened one years ago, when I made a trip to Palembang capital of South Sumatra. I had a Summit in Islamic University Raden Fatah in Palembang. I should come in and join the Summit with other student from variant universities in Sumatra.

There are two options how to go to Palembang from Banda Aceh, Land or Flight. If we choose Land Travel, we will sit in Bus at least for 48 hours. It’s costed cheap but spent so long time, and I didn’t like this type of Trip. So I booked a flight in route Banda Aceh – Medan – Batam – Palembang. The flight should spent 4 hours of Flight due the transit. But something go wrong and made me stayed in Hang Nadim Airport, Batam for 5 hours.

Annoying Delay

The Flight Started from Sultan Iskandar Muda airport in Banda Aceh. Departure scheduled at 06.00 am after shubooh pray. The flight went normally, No delay. 50 minutes gone and the plane landed in Kuala Namu airport Medan smoothly. Off from the plane to change airlines, I chose Different airlines to save cost. But, My choice was wrong.

The aircraft that will take us to Batam not landed on time. There was operational problem in Jakarta where the aircraft stay there. It spent 2 hours of waiting the aircraft, very annoyed and terrible. But condition of Kuala Namu Airport was very good. What a glorious Airport. I stayed there for 2 hours and then the aircraft landed so we boarding. After 30 minutes, we flew to Batam.

Batam was a little bit far from Medan. The flight spent 1 hour to land in Hang Nadim Airport in Batam. This is my first time to this City that closest city to Singapore. So I imagine that the airport is very elegant as Kuala Namu airport. But, when I get off from aircraft. My face changes, My smile gone, and feel very bad. The Airport has old style I think, or maybe there is no Upgrade from management. The Air Conditioner is Japanese old Air Con which sound bad. Everything in that airport was ancient tools.

The transit become disaster when the airport annouched that our next flight will delayed until the time. How could it happened, It will be bored trip. and addition, I traveling alone, Must be bored. I didn’t know how to heal my boredom, I never Imagine got Delayed as long as this time. I sat and think, what should I do now. And then I see singaporean and got idea, Tripping to Singapore.

It is close isn’t it? just 20 munites through the sea. I asked officer in Airport and he told that there is ferry agency in first floor. I went there and want book a Trip. And then She said, your passport number? I just realized that I leaved my passport in my room in Banda Aceh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t travel to singapore to run from boredom. So I choose to stay in Airport until the schedule is clear.

I sat in Prayer room in the airport. The room is good, but the AC makes it bad. So Cold here, I usually can stay in 20 degrees celcius temperature. But, because of Old AC which used big fan to cooling down the room. It’s effected to my body health. I got Flu and Fever while stay in Airport. My body temperature increased, so bad that I’m alone there.

Sleep during flight

I slept until 3 pm and when I woke up the flight almost leave me. So I ran into gate with Sleepy face, what a bad trip. in Aircraft I sleep during flight that spent 1,5 hours. When I arrives in Sultan Badrudin Airport My fever down and go trip safely.

Really Bad Trip.

I advice you all to trip with partner and prepare everything you need before your go travel

Good Luck in your Trip.

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